This is the earliest known concert performance of The Who doing “My Generation.” Roger had recently rejoined the band after getting kicked out and you can still sense the hostility from the other band members during the song.


"It’s not after Roger getting kicked out but just the day before ! It was in Denmark and this night Roger had a serious fight with Keith Moon. That’s the reason why Daltrey was kicked out of the group."


On the Amazing Journey: Story of the Who, Roger Daltrey says that they were on amphetamines during this show, and he just walked off stage and flushed the bag of them down the toilet. He said it made them sound like just noise.”

whoshaq12 asked:

Hello,great photo! How were you able to determine that this is from the Baldwin Gym, Drew Univ. March 29, 1968 concert? So many from that tour look similar lol. Do you know where I can find more pics from this show? Thanks,Marc

Hey Marc! You mean this one, right?

I’m afraid I don’t have any more pictures of which I’m sure they are from that show. I will keep my eyes open for you, though!