When Oliver and Keith realised that their drinking was getting out of hand, they invented an ingenious, if not a little strange, way of cutting back. Instead of going to AA meetings, they sat at either end of a long table, and placed a glass of whiskey on the back of a tortoise and let it walk between them. If the tortoise would walk up to Keith, Keith would drink the content of the glass, if it would walk closer to Oliver, he would drink it, fill the glass again and set the tortoise in the middle of the table again. They reasoned this would slow their drinking down to a suitable level. Sometimes they would also turn the tortoise upside down and use it as an ashtray, or another time even as a codpiece. The tortoise became a weird but big part of their friendship.

Railway Hotel (Wealdstone)
August 11, 1964

The story behind why Roger was wearing the sunglasses:

Just before a concert at the Railway Hotel, Roger’s father-in-law punched him in the face: “Roger’s father-in-law suddenly appeared just as they were about to go on, and dragged Roger outside and hit him. You see, Roger was the only one that was married, but I got the feeling that it wasn’t a very happy marriage. I think he was trying to get out of it“ - Chris Downing (musician)

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This is the earliest known concert performance of The Who doing “My Generation.” Roger had recently rejoined the band after getting kicked out and you can still sense the hostility from the other band members during the song.


"It’s not after Roger getting kicked out but just the day before ! It was in Denmark and this night Roger had a serious fight with Keith Moon. That’s the reason why Daltrey was kicked out of the group."


On the Amazing Journey: Story of the Who, Roger Daltrey says that they were on amphetamines during this show, and he just walked off stage and flushed the bag of them down the toilet. He said it made them sound like just noise.”