Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine) on drinking with Keith Moon

What about Keith Moon? You drank with him quite a lot?

- Yeah I did. He took me down the blissful road to hell several steps at once in the Scene Club in New York. Hendrix and I used to go down there. And there would be Keith at the bar. And if you went to the bar to get a drink, his arm would go around your neck and say, ‘what are you drinking? Look, you want this, never mind that other stuff. Try this; Southern Comfort.’

I’d go, ‘it’s a bit sweet.’ He’d say, ‘yes it is, so what you need now is a tequila,’ and we did it with the salt and lemon. I’d say, ‘oh that’s a bit salty.’ He’d say, ‘yes it is, so what you now need is another shot of Southern Comfort.’ And he taught me how to get completely blasted very quickly, so within 40 minutes you were on another planet. Thanks Keith, I enjoyed it, but it probably wasn’t good for me in the long run, and it certainly wasn’t good for you, old son. But what a nice man.




Video description: "Be Lucky" is The Who’s first new material in eight years. The track was produced by Dave Eringa best known for his work with the Manic Street Preachers and Wilko Johnson + Roger Daltrey. 

Recorded at the end of the Summer at British Grove and Yellowfish Studios.
"Be Lucky" features long time Who live players Zak Starkey (drums) and Pino Palladino (bass) with the keyboards being provided by ex Style Council and Dexys sideman Mick Talbot.

In keeping with their ongoing support for Teenage Cancer charities, the band have donated their royalties from the song to Teen Cancer America, a charity founded in 2011 by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend.

Roger will be covering The Beatles’ Helter Skelter

Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson and Roger Daltrey are among the artists confirmed as having recorded songs for a Paul McCartney tribute album.

The Art Of McCartney contains 42 tracks, with backing provided by McCartney’s long time band.

Dylan has covered “Things We Said Today” and Wilson has recorded a version of “Wanderlust”, while elsewhere the album also contains Willie Nelson’s “Yesterday”, Roger Daltrey’s “Helter Skelter”, B.B. King’s “On The Way” and The Cure’s “Hello Goodbye”.

The album is released on November 17 and is available in a variety of formats.”



When Oliver and Keith realised that their drinking was getting out of hand, they invented an ingenious, if not a little strange, way of cutting back. Instead of going to AA meetings, they sat at either end of a long table, and placed a glass of whiskey on the back of a tortoise and let it walk between them. If the tortoise would walk up to Keith, Keith would drink the content of the glass, if it would walk closer to Oliver, he would drink it, fill the glass again and set the tortoise in the middle of the table again. They reasoned this would slow their drinking down to a suitable level. Sometimes they would also turn the tortoise upside down and use it as an ashtray, or another time even as a codpiece. The tortoise became a weird but big part of their friendship.

Railway Hotel (Wealdstone)
August 11, 1964

The story behind why Roger was wearing the sunglasses:

Just before a concert at the Railway Hotel, Roger’s father-in-law punched him in the face: “Roger’s father-in-law suddenly appeared just as they were about to go on, and dragged Roger outside and hit him. You see, Roger was the only one that was married, but I got the feeling that it wasn’t a very happy marriage. I think he was trying to get out of it“ - Chris Downing (musician)